Perosnalised Labels for Clothing


You've been there - scouring through a pile of lost and found school uniforms, trying to find the hat or jumper that belongs to your child. 


Or maybe you've felt the frustration of having to drip dry because your towel has gone missing at the gym pool? 


Personalised labels for clothing are the simple yet effective solution!


For parents, labelling your kid's school uniforms or sports jerseys means fewer mix-ups and lost items. No more confusing Jaxon's footy shirt with Jackson's! 


If you use public pools or gyms, your labelled clothes and towels are less likely to vanish while you’re busy working out. 


And if you live in a share house, it's hard for your roommate to “accidentally” take your hoodie from the clean clothes pile if your name is clearly on it!


Custom labels for clothing are the unsung heroes that keep your wardrobe truly yours. And they help any clothing or accessories that decide to go on a little adventure to make their way back to you!


Different Types of Labels


Here at Stuck On You, we have all your labelling needs sorted. We offer high-quality, customisable iron-on labels for clothing and name stamps.


When applied correctly, both options are durable, water-resistant, and dryer-safe. So whether you're sweating it out in the gym or your little one is playing soccer in the rain, these clothing labels aren't going anywhere!


Our iron-labels are super easy to apply; you just need an iron and a few minutes.


And there are tonnes of design possibilities! Choose from different shapes and sizes to best suit the available surface area of the garment. 


For kids' clothing, jazz up the label with bright colours, fonts, and fun little pictures of dinosaurs, unicorns, planets, crowns- the list goes on! These options for personalisation make it easier for your kids to identify and keep track of their clothing at school, camp, or sports practice.


With text, you can keep it simple with just a name or add your phone number and address to help lost items make their way home.


Believe it or not, our name stamps are even easier to use! This permanent clothing stamp is self-inking, so you don't have to fiddle around with messy ink pads. Just stamp your name straight onto your clothing, bags, and hats made of cotton, linen, or fabrics mixed with these. 


Our ink has been dermatologically tested, so it's a safe choice even if you or your little ones have sensitive skin


For more information about our custom labels for clothing, check out our helpful Clothing Labels Guide.


Our Labels' Features


Iron-On Clothing Labels


What are the features of the best personalised iron-on labels in Australia? Glad you asked!

  • Material: Made from a blend of polyester and adhesive materials. The front side, where the text is printed, is a polyester fabric, and the back has a heat-activated adhesive that bonds the label to the fabric when ironed. 
  • Application: Very straightforward! Empty the water from your iron and let it heat up for two minutes at medium heat (140-170°C). Place the garment flat on an ironing board, place your label in the intended position and cover it with the parchment paper that comes with your labels. Firmly press your iron over the paper for 10-15 seconds, slowly moving it back and forth. Wait 48 hours before washing the garment.
  • Garment suitability: Visible on any garment colour. These labels work best on cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends- basically, any fabric that can withstand heat. 
  • Design: More customisable with multiple colours and detailed icons, like animals, foods, and toys. Also, adding more text, like phone numbers and addresses, is possible. 
  • Durability: Water-resistant and dryer-safe. 


Clothing Name Stamps


  • Material: The stamp uses permanent, non-toxic ink.
  • Application: So easy! Just firmly press the self-inking stamp down onto your clothing item for a few seconds, then lift it straight up to avoid smudging.
  • Garment suitability: Works best on lighter-coloured cotton, linen, and some mixed fabrics. For darker garments, we recommend using your stamp on our blank iron-on labels.
  • Design: Space for your name and one simple, optional icon in one colour.
  • Durability: Water-resistant up to 95°C, so it won't fade on most washing machine cycles and in dryers.



How To Make Custom Labels for Clothing


To design and make iron-on labels, follow these steps:

  1. On our homepage, click the "Shop" tab, then select "Name Labels" from the drop-down menu, then "Clothing".
  2. Choose your shape from the "Category" tab.
  3. Pick your size: mini, small, medium, large, or mixed. 
  4. Select a design. For kids, choose something fun they'll recognise. Adults might prefer our plainer text-only labels.
  5. Choose a font and enter the text you want to appear on the label.
  6. Select the label pack size you need.
  7. Double-check all spelling, phone numbers, and addresses.
  8. Click "Add to cart" and proceed to checkout.
  9. Input your shipping information and make payment.
  10. We'll send you immediate proof of purchase and a confirmation email when we dispatch your shipment. 


Here’s how to design your name stamp:

  1. On our homepage, click the "Stamps" tab.
  2. Pick your size: medium, large, or mixed (stamp and sticker bundle).
  3. Type the name you want to appear on the stamp. 
  4. You can select an optional design from the various icons or click the "None" symbol.
  5. Choose a font. 
  6. Click "Add to cart" and proceed to the checkout to make payment.


Best Practices


Here are some tips to help you create unique personalised labels for clothing:

  1. Choose a clear, legible font to best display your name, address, and phone number.
  2. Use contrasting colours between text and background for better visibility.
  3. For kids' clothing, choose pictures they like to help them identify their items. Maybe your little one wants to be an astronaut or a ballerina? Choose those designs! 
  4. Follow the application instructions for your iron-on label or name stamp to achieve optimal results.


You certainly can! Design personalised iron-on labels or name stamps and follow the simple instructions to apply them to your clothes.

Use a self-inking permanent name stamp to quickly and precisely print a label directly onto fabric.

Iron-on custom labels for clothing will stay put when applied correctly. Thanks to their water resistance, they won't come off in the washing machine or if exposed to rain or sweat. They'll also stay on if you throw your clothes in the dryer.

Cotton, linen and fabrics blended with these, like viscose, polyester, and spandex, are most compatible with labelling techniques like iron-ons or name stamps. 

  1. Empty the water from your iron and preheat it on medium heat for two minutes.
  2. Place your garment flat on an ironing board.
  3. Position the iron-on label and cover it with parchment paper.
  4. Firmly press the iron down and slowly move it back and forth over the paper for 10-15 seconds. 
  5. Make sure the label cools down before wearing the garment, and wait 48 hours before washing it. 

Opt for labelling methods compatible with the fabric you want to label and carefully follow the application instructions for the best results.


Self-inking stamps are a great choice because they use ink that doesn't fade or bleed, depending on the material. Some materials, like silk, wool, and leather, won't absorb ink well, or the ink will bleed, resulting in an unclear stamp. Always test on a hidden area first for compatibility.


Iron-on custom labels for clothing are also fantastic, adhering firmly without harming the fabric- provided the fabric can withstand heat. Materials like silk, wool, and cashmere can scorch or shrink, while leather and vinyl may melt or warp. Always check fabric care labels and test on a hidden area if unsure.


Custom Clothing Label Reviews

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Label your clothes in minutes without picking up a needle and thread with our custom name stamps and iron-on labels for clothing.


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See for yourself- start designing your personalised labels for clothing today!


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