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Clip-on clothing name tags, perfect for school uniforms, kids clothing and more

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clip-on name tag backs
clip-on name tags applicator
Clip on name tags for clothing

Clip on Name Tags

A quick and snappy way to label clothing just clip and go - our snappy tags!

Now you can snap to the task of labelling your kids’ clothes. Literally! Clip-On Tags are the unique, quick-fire way to label clothes in no time. Including the user-friendly ‘Snapplicator’, along with 25 personalised tags and 25 pins—simply clip and go!

Designed to attach to an item’s care label or seam, Clip-On Tags won’t leave holes in clothing. They’re are also great for items like bags, hats and towels—and especially perfect for older kids who still need their stuff labelled but aren’t looking to broadcast it to their friends.