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Medium size name stamp works on any absorbent surface including clothing, shoes and paper.
USD 34.95
Wash-resistant clothing stamp works on any absorbent surface including clothing and paper. Washing machine and dryer safe.
USD 34.95
100 scratch resistant name labels plus Stuck On You’s bestselling self-inking stamp all in one handy back to school kit.

Starting at USD 130.65 USD 50.97

54 scratch resistant name labels plus Stuck On You’s bestselling name stamp all in one easy back to school kit.

Starting at USD 64.85 USD 39.99

Name Stamp Labels Refill Pack and conveniently top up your blank labels. Get this handy 24 blank labels per pack
USD 4.95

Put your mark on anything with our bestselling Clothing Name Stamp!

Our Permanent Self-Inking Clothing Stamp is a fully self-contained stamp so you don’t need to get messy with an ink pad. Label clothes, socks, shoes, accessories and just about anything else you can think of! The non-toxic, colour-fast textile ink will last even after heaps of washes in up to 95°C. So it’ll cling to socks and undies even on your machine’s hygiene wash and most dryer options! Pretty impressive, huh?


Our Stuck On You name stamp has been dermatologically tested and passed with flying colours, so the ink is perfectly safe even for kids with skin sensitivities. Anyone who can’t stand an itchy, annoying label (umm, all of us?) will love this lil gadget because you can stamp it directly onto fabrics.


We call it a clothing name stamp but really there are so many ways you can use it! Stamp it on clothes and socks to make laundry sorting easier with a big fam. Put names on ev-er-y-thang so nothing gets lost. Ever. Again. Personalise shoes, scrunchies and library and swim bags with fun designs and fonts. You can even use this stamp to label school books or decorate diaries. The self-inking stamp will happily pair up with cotton, linen, polyester, blended fabrics with viscose fibres and paper. Absolutely anything with an absorbent surface.


Think of it like that permanent marker you accidentally used on the whiteboard that time. This permanent stamp ain’t coming off! It won’t fade after being chucked in the wash or being thrown around in a school bag. And it won’t bleed onto your fancy white linen dress. 


Just keep in mind that it’s not a fan of polyester care labels and may run if you stamp it on one. To keep the end result looking its best, stamp it directly onto clothing fabric or use the iron-on labels. Speaking of iron-on labels, this stamp works best on light colours – white, light grey, lilac, sage. But that’s what the handy iron-on labels are for. Just stamp on a label for any darker garments like black, dark purple or navy blue.


And for all of you that are fans of op shopping and hand-me-downs – yes, stamped clothes can still be passed on and on and on. Every stamp comes with 18 iron-on labels (and you can easily get more if those run out) so you can stamp the next name on a label, iron it on and there you have it. Hellooo sustainable shopper!


If you run out of blank labels or ink, our Name Stamp Labels Refill Pack and Water Resistant Name Stamp Pad are what you're looking for. We also have all kinds of Personalised Name Stamps.

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