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Drink Bottle Replacement Lid
Special Price USD 5.57 Regular Price USD 7.95
replacement silicon insert for Stuck On You mini bento lunch box
Special Price USD 8.37 Regular Price USD 11.95
Kids dinner time placemats personalised with their name
Special Price USD 20.97 Regular Price USD 29.95
Silicone bottle bands with your child's name engraved into it, name band's are the best for personalising baby bottles.
Special Price USD 5.57 Regular Price USD 7.95
bento cutlery set, spoon and fork, both are retractable
Special Price USD 10.47 Regular Price USD 14.95
spare tray for mini bento
Special Price USD 8.37 Regular Price USD 11.95
clear sandwich tray for Stuck On You large bento lunch boxes. Fridge and dishwasher safe school lunch box.
Special Price USD 11.17 Regular Price USD 15.95
Lunch Box Notes
Special Price USD 6.97 Regular Price USD 9.95

Discover the Bento Box Magic With Our Must-Have Accessories

Want to impress your Instagram followers and the other mums at school drop off with a dinosaur sandwich? Yes yes yes it’s for the kiddos too, of course. Use our star-shaped bento accessory as a dinosaur sandwich cutter. You can come up with so many cool Christmas party food ideas and easter cookie ideas with our bento accessories set with stencils, silicone cups and sandwich cutters.

Food preppers, welcome to heaven! We are all about grab and go and here’s how. Get yourself a bunch of spare bento box trays , prep for the week and stack in the fridge. You can grab the cute lunch bags and go to school drop off, swim or dance classes or weekend sports and then chuck the trays in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Works a treat for a big family! 

One of the many, many reasons that parents love our bento lunch box is that our silicone inserts seal in freshness all day long and it’s easy to take the three components apart so cleaning is a breeze! It’s also handy to have spare trays and inserts ready to go for when the dishwasher (AKA you) has been working overtime and the kitchen is looking a little dish-evelled. (Don’t worry hun, it’s totally normal. Instagram is the thing that isn’t real, not a spotless kitchen.)

Your search for a kids lunch box that doesn’t squash sandwiches or make you cut it into sixteenths is over! Just pop a sandwich tray into our large bento box and voilà! Yummy fresh sandwiches that’ll actually get eaten! Plus, we’ve got kiddie-sized cutlery  that actually fits in their school lunch box so you can put pasta salad, yoghurt and berries or kiwifruit and they won’t have to dig a spork out of the crevices of their school bag to eat it!