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Bundle and save. This pack contains 100 scratch resistant back to school name labels all in one easy kit, multiple different shapes, sizes and designs.
Special Price $24.00 Regular Price $95.70
classic mixed iron on label
Special Price $8.00 Regular Price $14.95
classic mixed iron on label
pattern mixed iron on label
Iron on name labels mixed pack containing mini, small, round, medium and square name labels
Medium size personalised iron on labels with a range of fun and bright fonts and sport designs to choose from.
classic large iron on label
monogram large iron on label
pattern large iron on label
Iron On Labels - Designer Large
classic round iron on label
monogram round iron on label
pattern round iron on label
round iron on clothing labels
classic large round iron on label
monogram large round iron on label

Iron-On Labels: The Ultimate Solution for Lost Clothing

We’ve got everything you need to keep clothes out of lost property with handy iron on labels! Our custom clothing labels are easy peasy to use and are ideal for uniforms, towels, swimming gear, shoes and that odd sock that keeps wandering off! Slap a good ol’ name tag on everythang! With a custom iron on label, it’s just an evening’s work (in front of The Bachelor or The Kardashians, let’s be honest) for the reward of never having to go to lost property ever again. These labels aren’t coming off!

Our custom clothing tags and iron on clothing labels are perfectly content sloshing around in the washing machine and don’t even mind the dryer, which makes laundry sorting waaay easier, especially with a big fam. Pair socks or pile each sibling’s enormous amount of tees. If you’re at that elite level of parenthood. Mostly we’re over here living out of the dryer or designated chair!

If you’re one of our stamp fanatics (welcome) iron-on labels are also going to be your best friend. Stamp onto plain iron-on labels (we’ll even throw these in with the stamp) for the best stamp result on dark coloured garments like black, navy or dark grey. Iron-on labels are also a handy tool when you’re passing clothes on from one sibling or bestie to the other. Just get a new set of personalised iron-on labels for the clothing’s new owner. Ta-da! Easily personalised and ready to wear again and again, all over again!

The best part is that we’ve curated bundles of labels in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you don’t have to stare at the screen wondering which ones you’ll need. Nope! All sorted. Grab a label value pack to get all the iron on name labels for all the things.



The quickest and cheapest option is to use a dark permanent marker to write your child's name inside their clothing, perhaps on the garment tag.
However, a marker won’t create a clean, legible name on the fabric and will fade with each wash. Better quality, more long-lasting alternatives to label clothes include iron-on labels, name stamps, and clip-on tags.

Absolutely! You can design and order iron-on labels, name stamps, and clip-on tags from Stuck On You that are easy to apply to your clothes.

The cheapest way to label clothes is with a dark permanent marker. However, the ink will bleed and eventually fade with washing.
Try Stuck On You’s affordable self-inking name stamp for a neater, more long-term clothing label solution. The ink can withstand washes up to 95°C so that it won’t fade on most washing machine and dryer cycles.

Iron-on clothing labels: Set your iron to medium heat (140-170°C), place the label on the garment, cover it with parchment paper, and press firmly for 10-15 seconds. Let it cool, and wait 48 hours before washing.
Name stamps: Place the item on a flat surface, press the name stamp firmly onto the fabric for a few seconds, and allow the ink to dry before use or washing.
Clip-on tags: Insert a tag into the applicator, position it on the clothing, and squeeze to attach the tag, then secure it with the tag back.

Always carefully follow each product’s instructions.

Iron-on clothing labels, name stamps, clip-on tags, or sew-in labels. You can design these online through a reputable labelling company like Stuck On You!