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Pink bento lunch box with rainbow print for school, daycare, kinder and sports activity. Made by the Stuck On You company who was first to produce the kids bento lunch box.
green school lunch box with personalised name and colourful rainbow design.
Kids large light blue bento lunch box with navy circle design print for school, kinder, daycare and outdoor fun.
pink lunch box with mermaid design for kids, school, kinder and daycare made by Stuck On You.
large lunch box cooler bag in Navy blue with personalised design. Insulated and thermal-lined lunch bag.
Dusky Blue Bento Cooler Bag
Navy Bento Cooler Bag
Lunchbox Stickers
small navy lunch box with personalised first name and monster truck print design. Made by Stuck On You, the original Bento Lunch Box and Name Label company.
Kids lunch box in butter yellow with unicorn design. Made by Stuck On You the original bento lunch box company.
Mint green small school lunch box with personalised name in a green circle design. Made by Stuck On You, the original bento lunch box company since 1995.
mini bento lunchbox cooler bag with new designs
Mini cool bags keep food fresh all day long. Get the smallest cooler bag and take a small cooler pack on the go. Personalise a cool bag now.
With an easy zip opening and carry handle, this mini bento cooler bag with fun designs is perfect for lunch on the go.
Kangaroo beach kids lunchbox
Kangaroo Beach kids cooler bag great for lunch or snack time

What is a bento box?

Great question! While a typical school lunch box has one big compartment to cram a sandwich and snacks for recess and lunch breaks, a bento lunch box is a more creative and considered approach to meals on the go. Lunch that actually gets eaten? Game changer. No more finding a half eaten barely recognisable sandwich at the bottom of the bag at the end of the holidays in the already-chaos of back to school!

Our cute bento box containers have six roomy compartments labelled with vegetables, dairy, fruit, protein and grain to make lunch prep easy. Follow their lead and you can be sure that the kiddos will be getting everything they need to be energised for the day!

Goodbye single-use plastic! This BPA and phthalate-free bento lunchbox is ready to use again and again. Easy to clean? Tick! Our bento box separates into three components to make cleaning a breeze. Just chuck the bento tray and silicone insert  into the top rack of the dishwasher at the end of the school day.

With a silicone seal, our leakproof bento boxes are perfect for on-the-go yoghurts, soups, dips and sauces. Yep, our bento boxes for adults are fab for work lunches and ideal for taking on picnics and holidays. Yummy and healthy food stays fresh, crisp and ready to eat all day long. Easily slide it into a bento lunch bag  on those summer scorchers!

Each bento box is made to order and you can customise the design to make it as extravagant or as minimal as you like. Personalise with a name and choose from a huge range of graphics, fonts and colours. Or just monogram their initials and skip the dinosaurs, unicorns and mermaids. It’s totally up to you!


If your child is the normal amount of obsessed with Bluey, we’re about to make their year. Bluey cute bento boxes , Bluey backpack, Bluey stickers. All of the Bluey merchandise! We’ve also got personalised Kangaroo Beach and Hey Duggee bento boxes  for kids too!


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Can I store the bento box in the freezer? 


Plastic and silicone bento boxes can usually withstand freezer temperatures. In contrast, glass and certain plastics (those not labelled as freezer-safe or brittle plastics like polystyrene) can become brittle and crack. Always check the product's care sticker to be sure. 


Is a bento box microwave safe?


Check the bottom of your bento box for the microwave-safe symbol, which looks like a series of waves. Most bento boxes these days are designed to be microwave-safe, but it's good to make sure before you press “start” on that microwave! 


Are your bento boxes BPA-free? 


Stuck On You’s bento boxes are BPA and phthalate-free. This is so important because BPA is a nasty chemical that can leach into food, potentially causing adverse effects on the brain, especially in young children. 


Is a bento box the same as a lunch box?


A bento box is a type of lunch box originating from Japan. It has compartments separating different foods to promote a balanced meal and keep flavours and textures distinct. 


What age is a bento box for? 


Bento boxes come in various sizes and designs suitable for different ages. Larger boxes with multiple compartments are great for school-aged kids and adults, while toddler-specific bento boxes typically have fewer sections and feature simpler latch mechanisms. 


Can I wash the lunch box in my dishwasher? 


Most lunch boxes are dishwasher safe, but check the care sticker or look for a dishwasher-safe symbol on the bottom to be sure. 

Some lunch boxes, like ours, separate into components (the bento tray and silicone insert) that you can chuck in the top rack of your dishwasher. Others may recommend hand washing to protect the lunch box’s seals and latches.