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This large insulated bag is ideal for school lunch, picnics and snacks on the go.
Take lunch on the go with a cool bag for food. It’s easy to personalise a large cooler bag with a name, colours, designs and fonts.
With an easy zip opening and carry handle, this mini bento cooler bag with fun designs is perfect for lunch on the go.
Mini cool bags keep food fresh all day long. Get the smallest cooler bag and take a small cooler pack on the go. Personalise a cool bag now.
This kangaroo bag is ready to be personalised with your favourite kangaroo beach characters. Keep food fresh with kangaroo beach cooler bags.
Kangaroo Beach kids cooler bag great for lunch or snack time
large lunch box cooler bag with design
mini lunch box cooler bag personalised

Bento Lunch Bag

The trick to keeping food fresh all day long? This bento bag right here! Our bento bags come in small and large sizes to perfectly fit our mini and large bento boxes. Pack a bento box with a sandwich, cheese, yoghurt – go on, put our bento box bag to the test! – slide it into a bento box lunch bag with an ice pack and there you have it! Heat waves are no match for our kids lunch pail. 

Don’t mean to brag but just take a look at our bento bag reviews all over Instagram. Every day our bento lunch bag fan club raves about them while packing their kids lunch box. 

Matching lunch bag with bento box? Yes please! Choose each kid’s favourite colour, fun design and font and then match the bento box with lunch bag. Or you could even mix it up with you bento box with bag and have different colours in the same design. It’s up to you!

Parents love that our large bento box insulated bag is also a great companion for the mini bento lunch box . Put the mini bento into a large bento cooler bag and you’ll still have space for a drink bottle and any extra snacks. You could even freeze the drink bottle for an extra cool drink that doubles as an ice pack!

Face it, our bento box and lunch bag are ultimate squad goals and you now can’t imagine your kids’ lunch break without them. We don’t blame you! Here’s what to do. Put the kettle on, press play on that true crime podcast you binge when the kids are asleep and start personalising cute lunch bags now. The good thing about doing it when they’ve gone to bed is that you can pick the actually cute colours instead of the random colour combinations they would choose for themselves (trust us, we’ve seen it all). But wait, before you get your design on check out our bento value packs  for the greatest lunch bag and box set combos! You’re so welcome.


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