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insulated jar for keeping food and drinks hot or cold
insulated food jar for keeping food hot or cold

Food Jars that keep food and drinks warm or cool like magic.

What does grandma’s soup, acai bowls, hot cocoa and yummy pasta have in common? They’re all delish annnd you’ll love packing these meals or drinks into a kids insulated food jar! It’s double walled insulated so it keeps food and drinks warm or cool like magic. 

Take soup to school or work on wintery days and it’ll still be warm by lunchtime! Bring hot cocoa along on your road trip and drink it by the fire when your campsite is all set up (thanks Dad). You can even enjoy a smoothie bowl while listening to the ocean waves – just don’t jiggle it too much on the way! Leakproof, absolutely. But we can’t promise that the coconut flakes and chia seeds will still be perfectly Instagrammable if you’re going to hop across the sand like it’s a game of the floor is lava.

Our insulated food jars are a fantastic way to pack leftovers in the fridge and then grab and go to school or work in the morning. Whether or not you warm it up before you go, this food jar will come in handy, keeping food fresh without the need for an ice pack or cooler bag. If there’s no time to finish all that porridge in the morning rush, just pour it into a food jar and take it with you! Makes for a perfect mid-morning work snack. Pack a Bento  for lunch and your day is sorted!

And it’s not just for taking away. Food prep in a couple of food jars, line them up in the fridge and then take them out for those toddler dinners that seem to last for-ev-er. The food will stay warm even if it takes 20 minutes for them to take two bites!

The best part is that you can personalise your food jar with all sorts of colours, designs and fonts. And it’s not just for the littlies. With both simple and playful designs to choose from, mummy can get her own one too!