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classic large round iron on label
Special Price $12.76 Regular Price $15.95
monogram large round iron on label
Special Price $13.56 Regular Price $16.95
pattern large round iron on label
Special Price $14.36 Regular Price $17.95
iron on clothing name labels, large round labels with cute designs. Iron onto fabric to prevent lost school jumpers, sporting tops and more
Special Price $14.36 Regular Price $17.95
basic large round iron on label
Special Price $13.56 Regular Price $16.95

Large Iron On Round Labels help easily identify clothes and linen

Use our Round Iron Ons for items of clothing and linen that need to be easily seen. Use on cotton blankets for camp and beach throwovers so they can be easily found in a hurry.

Use our Iron on Clothing Dots to showcase your their personality

With a huge selection of bright and bold designs and colours, as well as simple, elegant and understated solutions, we will have something that will match everyone's unique personality! Find their favourite design combination and label their clothing for a bit of added fun and practicality.

Trusted for over 20 years, our labels stick and stay stuck

Our labels have been tested and loved by parents and carers for over 20 years.

Tired of labels that just peel off after one or two washes? So were we! Thankfully, Stuck On You offer machine washable, durable iron-on labels which permanently bonds to the fabric.

How to Apply Iron On Labels for Clothing and Fabrics

  1. Peel to remove Iron On Clothing Label from backing and place face up on fabric so that text is showing.
  2. Cover the Iron On Label with supplied parchment paper and iron over with a DRY iron, between a MEDIUM-HOT (cotton) setting.
  3. Press firmly over the label for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed to ensure the label is firmly applied and not lifting at any edge.
  4. Allow to cool before use.

Looking for a less permanent solution?

If you are looking for a less permanent solution, then our stick on clothing name labels are the answer! These have an adhesive back and can be stuck to the care instructions tag on the garment. You can also iron or sew them on for added security. Follow all the instructions provided on the packaging, or contact the Stuck On You customer service team for more help.

Use our clever Website to Preview your labels before ordering

Use our product builder to choose from a range of offered colours, fonts and original designs, then simply add your name! You will love being able to preview your finished, personalised product before placing you order!

Not too sure which of our products to choose? Contact one of the friendly team at Stuck On You, they will happily advise you on which product might best suit you. When it comes to Personalised Clothing Labels go with the original and the best at Stuck On You.