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Easter egg cups with cute bunny designs
Easter egg hunt tote bag with easter bunny ears, personalise with your child's name and easter design.
Spruce up the easter search with personalised signs that give your little hunters some handy clues where treats are hidden.
Personalised easter colouring book with a range of designs to colour in over the easter school holidays.
Dry erase family planners
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Child's Easter mug with bunny design
Round bunny themed school bag tag
white Easter mug with easter egg design and personalised name
personalised Easter keepsake box Easter gift idea, made from wood with printed design.
Easter bunny reusable tote bag for collecting Easter egs
personalised Easter sticker pack with cute Easter bunny designs, bunny feet, carrots and eggs
Customisable bento lunch box for school, daycare, kinder and sporting events. Available in multiple colors and unlimited design options.
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Basic Bento with Stickers

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Hop, skip and jump into Easter! 

Easter holidays are almost here, which means it's time for egg hunts, family shenanigans, and... figuring out how to keep the kiddos entertained on those long road trips or vacations.


Yep, traveling during Easter can be a blast, but it also means finding ways to keep the little ones from turning into backseat monsters. Here are some extra tips to make sure your travels are as fun as they are stress-free:


  • Car Games Galore: Load up on fun games to play in the car. Think classics like "I Spy," "20 Questions," or "The Alphabet Game." These gems not only kill time but also get everyone giggling and chatting. And don't forget about travel-sized board games, puzzles and activity books. Pack them into a super cute backpack to keep everything organised.
  • Snack Attack: Pack a treasure trove of snacks to fend off those "I'm hunnnngry" whines. Go for easy-to-eat goodies like fruit slices, granola bars, crackers, or cheese sticks. Avoid packets of rubbish being strewn through the car and pack all those delicious snacks into one of our Best Selling Bento Lunchboxes.
  • Tech Time: Let the kiddos dive into some screen time with tablets or smartphones loaded up with cool apps and movies. Just make sure it's educational stuff or at least something that won't rot their brains. Screen time can be a lifesaver when you need a break from the "Are we there yet?" chorus.
  • Pit Stops and Sightseeing: Break up the journey with regular stops to stretch those legs and explore cool sights along the way. Whether it's a quirky roadside attraction or a scenic overlook, taking mini-adventures breaks up the monotony and adds some excitement to the trip.
  • Travel Diaries: Encourage the kiddos to document their travels with a travel journal or scrapbook. Give them some crafty supplies to jazz up their journals with stickers, colouring, and whatever else they can dream up. It's a fun way for them to capture memories and keep boredom at bay.
  • Reward charts: motivate that good behaviour. Keep track of with our super cute dry-erase reward charts and treat them with a reward when they make it to the end. A pit stop at the Country town lolly-store is always a winner!

With these extra tricks up your sleeve, your Easter holiday travels are sure to be a blast. Just remember to relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride!


Make Easter even more personalised with signage for the big Easter hunt, bags to collect all those treats, super-cute egg cups and more.

Stuck On You has everything you need to give your little bunnies the most personal Easter ever!