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Mini Bento Box + Cooler Bag - Simple Designs

Starting at $59.90 $47.92

Image of a kids personalised lunch box in pink, lunch cooler bag in green and additional clear sandwich tray for the lunch box.

Starting at $114.85 $95.87

This mini lunch set includes a mini bento lunch box and lunch bag with fun designs ready to personalise.

Starting at $59.90 $47.92

Bento Lunch Box - Large + Sandwich Tray

Starting at $74.90 $63.91

Seafoam green bento cooler bag with name 'Ruby' in a circle, and a open cooler bag with seafoam green bento lunch box, and a clear bento tray

Starting at $114.85 $95.87

Blue bento with monogram S, matching closed cooler bag, and a open cooler bag with bento inside

Starting at $94.90 $75.92

Bento Box + Cooler Bag Value Bundle

Starting at $94.90 $75.92

Bento Value Packs

Get the whole fam sorted for back to school and save with bento box value packs. Bundled into the most handy personalised kids lunch box combinations, you’ll save a stack with a value pack. From a kids insulated food jar to collapsible bento cutlery, we’ve got all sorts of bento sidekicks ready for you to stock up and save with these value packs.

First things first, our bento lunchbox. The coolest and most practical bento lunch box around. Our bento boxes separate into three components to make cleaning a breeze. Put the bento tray and silicone insert into the top rack of the dishwasher at the end of the school day and you’ll be ready to pack it all up again in an hour or less! Grab a value pack with a sandwich tray and bento lunch box planner to make prepping lunch for the week easy peasy! Stack the sandwich trays in the fridge and then grab and go to school drop off or pick up, swimming and dance classes or weekend sports.

Our bento lunch bag comes in small and large sizes and is the perfect match to our mini and large bento boxes. Pack a bento box with a sandwich, cheese, yoghurt – go on, put our bento box bag to the test! – slide it into a bento box lunch bag with an ice pack and away you go! Our bento box and bento cooler bag value packs come in so many different designs so you can grab a Double Bento Box & Bag value pack and mix and match them all week. Or grab a few combinations when you’re getting the whole fam ready with new back to school gear.

Parents love that our large bento box insulated bag is also a great companion for the mini bento lunch box. Put the mini bento into a large bento cooler bag and you’ll still have space for a drink bottle and any extra snacks. You could even freeze the drink bottle for an extra cool drink that doubles as an ice pack!

Each bento box is made to order and you can customise the design to make it as extravagant or as minimal as you like. Personalise with a name and choose from a huge range of graphics, fonts and colours. Or just monogram their initials and skip the dinosaurs, unicorns and mermaids. It’s totally up to you!

We’ve bundled school essentials so it’s quick and easy to grab all you’ll need in a lovely deal so stock up and start personalising!