How To Remove Iron-On Clothing Labels Easily


Here at Stuck On You, we know the value of a well-placed iron-on clothing label. But we also know that life doesn’t always go to plan! 


Have you changed your mind about the placement of a label? Or perhaps you’ve accidentally applied the wrong label to the wrong garment, and now Oliver’s jumper says “Charlotte” while Charlotte’s soccer jersey says “Oliver”!


So, as much as you love our fantastic iron-on labels, you may occasionally need to remove one. But don’t worry if you are in this sticky situation; we’re here to help get you unstuck!


But first! It’s important to note that quality iron-on clothing labels are designed to resist water, laundry chemicals, and general wear and tear. So, removing these labels can sometimes be tricky. 


But fear not; three methods are widely considered safe, easy, and effective at removing iron-on labels. Let’s take a closer look at each.


Method 1: Iron-On/Iron-Off


The best way to remove an iron-on label is the same way you apply it- with heat. Heat causes the label’s adhesive material to soften and lose its grip temporarily.  


When removing iron-on labels off clothes, remember that as the label has already been heated and applied, it may not come off cleanly on the first try. For particularly stubborn labels, a second or third application of heat may be necessary to completely remove the label and its residue. 


Tools Needed

  • Iron 
  • No iron? A steamer or hair dryer can be substituted (not optimal, but doable!)
  • Ironing board 
  • No ironing board? Use a sturdy table, bed, or countertop instead; just place a thick towel underneath to protect the surface
  • Baking paper or aluminium foil
  • Tweezers 


How To Remove Iron-On Clothing Labels With the Iron-Off Method

Set your iron to the “wool” setting or medium-high heat of about 150°C. Make sure to turn off the steam setting.

Spread the garment with the label facing up on your ironing board or substitute workspace. Smoothen the label with your hand so it’s flat and taut.

Cut a piece of baking paper or aluminium foil a little larger than the label and place it over the label.

Once your iron has reached heat, press it onto the paper or foil and move it around in small circular motions over the label for about 15 seconds. Then, remove the iron.

Using the tweezers to avoid burning your fingers, remove the paper or foil and then, also with the tweezers, gently lift a corner of the label. You should now be able to carefully peel off the label..

Start peeling as soon as the iron is removed because if the label cools down, it will adhere to the garment again!


Method 2: Freeze!


What’s another option for how to remove iron-on labels from fabric? 


The freeze method is quick and simple. However, results may vary after the first freeze depending on how well the label was applied and how long ago. If label residue remains after laundering the garment, try method three using a solvent.  


Tools Needed

  • Freezer bag (size will vary depending on the garment) 
  • Freezer
  • Tweezers 


How To Remove Iron-On Clothing Labels With the Freezing Method


Step 1

Place the garment in a freezer bag that best contains the entire garment and can be completely sealed. 


Step 2

Place the bag in your freezer for at least one hour. Then, take the bag out of the freezer and remove the garment.


Step 3

Immediately begin peeling away at the iron-on label, starting in one corner. If the label does not peel off in one go, try to pick it off in pieces using the tweezers.


Step 4

Once you’ve removed the label, wash the garment as usual to remove any remaining residue.


Method 3: Solve It With Solvent


While removing iron-on labels with solvent can be successful, especially for older, more stubborn labels, there is a risk of damaging your garment’s fabric. 


Depending on the solvent’s chemistry, the fabric could burn, discolour, or wear thin. So, when deciding how to remove iron-on labels from clothes, carefully inspect the fabric and do a spot test first


Find a small, inconspicuous part of the garment, place a dab of solvent there and let it sit for at least five minutes. If the fabric colour doesn’t change, it should be safe to proceed with this method to remove an iron-on label.


Tools Needed

  • Liquid vinyl letter removal product or any nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol containing acetone 
  • Paper towel or a small absorbent towel 
  • Cotton tips or cotton balls 
  • Tweezers 


How To Remove Iron-On Clothing Labels With the Solvent Method


Step 1

Spread the garment on a covered table or other suitable workspace. Place a few sheets of paper towel or a small absorbent towel underneath the label’s position on the garment. 


Step 2

Soak a cotton tip or cotton ball in the solvent, then carefully spread the solvent over the label


Step 3

Let your soaked label sit for two to three minutes. Then, starting in one corner, use the tweezers to gently peel off the label. 


Step 4

After you’ve removed the label, run the garment under cool water, then launder it as normal. 


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