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Labels and personalized gifts have never been so gorgeous than with the huge range from Stuck on You ®. From kids labels to clothing labels and personalized gifts to birthday gift ideas you can rely on the quality synonymous with Stuck on You ®.

Labels are how Stuck on You ® got started over 17 years ago and are still one of our most popular products. The range of name labels has now grown to include many designs, colours, fonts and optional icons that stick and stay stuck in the dishwasher and microwave. These are perfect for drink bottles, plastic lunchboxes and food containers but are also fine for school books, stationery, glasses, coffee mugs, mobile phones, ipods, ipads, laptops, headphones, MP3 players and cutlery. 

Tip for Name Labels 

- Allow your Name Labels to stick to the item for up to 48 hours before use in the dishwasher or microwave. 
- Put your Name Labels on a clean, flat surface. If containers have ridges, dimples or frosting water can penetrate beneath the label and cause it to become unstuck.
- Losing all of your teaspoons and cutlery with school lunches? Put a Name Label on the cutlery to make sure it returns home too. 

Clothing labels are hugely popular products at Stuck on You ® too. Offering Iron Clothing Labels and Stick On Clothing Labels these can also be personalised with the many designs, colours and fonts and stay stuck in washing machines and dryers. Thes can be used on most types of material and will meld and bond allowing them to bend and stretch with the fabric. Use them on school uniforms, sports uniforms, school hats, blazers, sweaters or even pillows, sleeping bags and bedding if the kids are heading off to Summer Camp. 

Tips for Clothing Labels

- Be sure that your iron uis empty of water before applying your Iron On Clothing Labels. The steam seems to cause them to lift. 
- If a corner lifts, simply apply the parchment paper and repeat the process.
- Stick On Clothing Labels are a less permanent solution, they can just be stuck to the care instructions tag of clothing and will stay stuck in several washes.  

Personalized gifts make a wonderful gift for kids and browsing the Stuck on You ® website will give you plenty of inspiration for gift ideas and birthday gifts. The clever design team at Stuck on You ® are always introducing new products and designs to keep customers returning time and time again. Whether it is personalised gifts for kids for school or just for fun you are spoilt for choice on the Stuck on You ® website.

Personalized Kids Clothing at Stuck on You ® from personalised pajamas and t-shirts for kids as well as personalized clothing for babies such as jumpsuits and bibs.  

The Stuck on You ® product previewer makes shopping online for name labels and personalized gifts easy and fun. Simply select your product from our huge collection then add the name into the preview screen and have fun choosing colors, designs and fonts to create completely personalised gifts and labels. Preview the completed product online to make sure that it is exactly what you would like and then order securely online. We ask that you double check any spelling, colors, sizes, styles and designs in the shopping cart before you proceed to chekout. Once an order is completed and paid for in our system it goes instantly into product and it unable to be altered. That is what allows us to dispatch orders super speedily. 

Not sure which personalized gifts or labels might best suit you? The team at Stuck on You ® are more than happy to help and to give you a few extra gift ideas. Email us via the contact page on our website.

Stuck on You® the coolest kids clothing, labels and personalized gifts. Trust original Stuck on You® Labels.