Overnight Bags

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Personalized Overnight Bags

Gym, camp, overnight stays – there are so many places you’ll want to take this personalized duffle bag. Design this kids duffle bag any way you want with a fun style and bright color or a minimal look with a simple monogram. It’s yours to customize! 

That’s why this personalized duffel bag is so versatile. Get your little genius to pack their clothes into this travel duffel bag and take it to band camp. Pack gym gear into this personalized duffle bag when you’re running from the office to the treadmill. Tween going on their first sleepover? This duffle will fit everything they need and more. Pyjamas, tick. Toiletries, check. Their favorite blanket, yup. And a bunch of candy, of course! 

Travelling as a family for summer vacation? With personalized duffle bags for everyone, it’ll be easy to spot which bag belongs to each family member when you reach your destination (so all the kids can sprint to claim the best room in the place). If you’ve got a kid-free night away planned, this is the perfect weekender bag. Girls trip, woohoo! With a small zipped pocket inside, you’ll have space to stash jewellery or any other fiddly little bits so it doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of your stuff. 

Here’s a personalized gift idea! Customize matching duffel bags with Bride and Bridesmaid for the girl gang on your hen’s weekend away. Cute! Or create His and Hers, or Hers and Hers, or His and His duffle bags in different colors. See, infinite possibilities to design this bag however you like! Keep it, match it, or gift it!

Go a step further with the personalizing and add custom bag tags . Oh em gee. Wooden bag tags, glitter bag tags , round bag tags , letter bag tags . It’s absolutely endless. Enough talking, let’s start personalizing!