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green school lunch box with personalised name and colourful rainbow design.
USD 34.95
Kids large green lunch box with personalised circle design print for school, kinder, daycare and outdoor fun.
USD 34.95
This handy school lunch set includes a kids bento box lunch box, insulated bag and sandwich tray.

Starting at USD 90.85

Pink bento lunch box with rainbow print for school, daycare, kinder and sports activity. Made by the Stuck On You company who was first to produce the kids bento lunch box.
USD 34.95
Personalised drink bottle with pop-up lid and super convenient carry handle. Stuck On You children's water bottle
USD 29.95
large kids lunch box halloween themed design on navy blue. Perfect for holding lots of chocolate, lollies and candy. Remove the internal tray for even more room.
USD 34.95
Lunchbox Stickers
USD 11.95
Personalised Drink Bottle - Simple
USD 29.95
Drink Bottle Replacement Lid
USD 7.95
This mini lunch set includes a mini bento lunch box and lunch bag with a carry handle perfect for daycare.

Starting at USD 54.90

Seafoam green bento cooler bag with name 'Ruby' in a circle, and a open cooler bag with seafoam green bento lunch box, and a clear bento tray

Starting at USD 85.85

This mini lunch set includes a mini bento lunch box and lunch bag with fun designs ready to personalise.

Starting at USD 54.90

Bento cooler bag and large open bento

Starting at USD 74.90

Personalised drink bottle with pop-up lid and super convenient carry handle. Stuck On You children's water bottle
USD 34.95
Blue bento with monogram S, matching closed cooler bag, and a open cooler bag with bento inside

Starting at USD 69.90

Mini Personalized Bento - Lunar New Year
USD 29.95

Transform Lunchtime With Our Personalised Bento Lunch Bag

Lunch, sorted! And really, every other meal, snack and treat imaginable too. First things first, our bento box. The coolest and most practical bento lunch box around. No biggie. Our bento boxes separate into three components to make cleaning the breeziest breeze. Put the bento tray  and silicone insert into the top rack of the dishwasher at the end of the school day and you’ll be ready to pack it all up again in an hour or less!


Introducing summer lunch time’s MVP: bento bags! Also known as bento cooler bags, lunch pails or even a kids lunch box depending on where you are in this beautiful world. Slide your cute bento box into a bento box bag and consider those summer scorches beaten. Heat waves are no match for our bento box lunch bag. 


Our bento lunch bag comes in small and large sizes and is the perfect match to our mini and large bento boxes. Pack a bento box with a sandwich, cheese, yoghurt – go on, put our bento box bag to the test! – slide it into a bento box lunch bag with an ice pack and away you go!


Here’s an idea. Get yourself multiple spare bento box trays  and food prep for the week (if you can make space in the fridge!). Your future self will looove you. Grab and go to school drop off or pick up, swimming and dance classes or weekend sports. It’s also handy to have trays ready for those after school munchies! (Or prep healthy snack options ahead of time so you’re not resorting to stealing the kids' treats at the back of the pantry when that 3pm slump hits!)


Go beyond squares and triangles with fun-shaped sandwich stencils and make the sandwich the first thing to go! Nom nom nom. Hide the veggies in plain sight and create colourful shapes that even the pickiest of eaters will love munching. Rolling sandwich cutters, sandwich stencils, a sculpting food press – there are all sorts of sidekicks for our bento in the bento box accessories set .


We can’t forget the ultimate meal makers! Our reusable kids insulated food jar and eco dinner sets. Whether you’re at home or on the go these meal time friends are going to make life so much easier and they love the earth as much as we do!


And here’s the real clincher. Value Packs . Play matchy matchy with bento bags , insulated food jars and personalised cutlery sets . We’ve bundled school essentials so it’s quick and easy to grab all you’ll need in a lovely deal so stock up and start personalising !