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What did one pencil say to the other on the first day of school? 

Looking sharp!


Ok, dad jokes aside, the new school term is just around the corner and it’s time to refresh those school supplies! We’re talking uniform, kids backpack , cooler bag , pencil case, stationery , library bag . The whole gang.


The thing is, we don’t want all these newbies wandering off halfway through the first week. Hands up if your kids lunch box or swim bag has ever been left behind. Uh huh, we see you. In the classroom, at the pool, dropped on the bus – you name it! 


And let’s not mention that we’re on our 54th glue stick because someone is a little too generous. Love them for it but can this one make it back around the classroom this time please? So, we’re about to make your day – no, year! 


Labels . That’s right. Go ahead and nerd out with these little beauties. 


Personalised scratch-resistant name labels (that glue stick won’t get away this time!). Iron-on clothing labels . And the real MVP: the name stamp . Stamp away to your heart’s content on shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, towels. Basically anything with an absorbent surface like cotton, linen, polyester or blended fabrics. She won’t fade, honey. 


Let the kids choose their favourite design, pick a font and leave the rest to us. Warning: it’s addictive. You’ll be labelling anything and everything in no time!