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Get your kids ready to head back to daycare, preschool, kinder or school with our personalised book bags.
NZD 27.34
Stand out with a personalised glitter letter bag tag made from high-quality acrylic, choose from a range of colours.
NZD 14.19
Alphabet shaped custom bag tag letters not only look great, but they also help prevent the loss of bags or keys.
NZD 14.19
Made from waterproof durable plastic, our kids personalised bag tag comes in a range of designs.
NZD 14.19
Personalised bag tags help your child easily identify their bag, pick from a range of designs and fonts.
NZD 10.90
personalised name bag tag with rainbow design on navy background, for use on a school bag, duffle bag, pencil case and school stationery
NZD 14.19
Bag Tag Round - Designer Small
NZD 10.90

Personalised Library Book Bag

Book lovers, meet your new bestie. Grab this book bag for textbooks and folders to take to and from school. You’ll love having this library book bag ready to take on their first library adventure. That look on their face when they realise they can walk out with their favourite book from the shelf. Cute! Borrowing and returning books is a breeze with a personalised library book bag. It’s super easy to spot exactly which one to take home.

Bring a book bag along on any adventure with a personalised colouring book and personalised colouring pencils ready to keep the kids entertained through brunch, mums group or book club. We’ve got your back! You’d be surprised at how much this slim, lightweight book bag can hold. Pack personalised story books (from yours truly) and all the kids stationery in a personalised pencil case and get them to take their activities along in their personalised book bag .

With a soft drawstring cord, this book bag is ready for anything. Sling it over one shoulder, carry it in one hand or wear it as a backpack. It’s ultra hardy and incredibly versatile.

It also doubles as a waterproof swim bag . That’s right! With water resistant lining, this library bag turns into a kids swim bag when it’s off duty. Take personalised swim bags on your next summer vacation or beach day packed with swimmers and sandcastle making tools. When this book bag gets home from a big day at school, it’s ready to go with you to swimming lessons. Unpack all the school books and get me to the pool!

Make your book bag even cooler (if it can even be any cooler!) with a custom bag tag . Our bag tags come in all sorts of shapes, materials and sizes and are ready for anything that gets thrown their way. Choose from solid colours, wooden designs or glitter! A sparkly personalised library bag. Go for it! Coolest kid around.