Our story starts way back in 1995 when a young entrepreneur went to a local printer to create a set of name labels to organise her son’s belongings. Her son was too young to read, so she had the brilliant idea of putting a fun and familiar icon next to his name – an aeroplane like his dad flew. When she saw how this simple label idea resonated with so many parents at school, she knew she was onto something. So she told the group chat. 


The demand was wild. Parents wanted in on this easy way to save stacks of money by no longer having to replace all the stuff their kids lost or left behind. She got her mum friends together to pack labels from her garage. It was the start of us!

Since then, we’ve built a team of personalisation experts who lovingly craft each product in Melbourne, Australia. We’re so proud that we get to connect families all over the world to quality, reusable school and daycare essentials that save families tons and make life sooo much easier. Join the club!

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