Personalised Labels for School

Uniform Labels

Iron On Uniform Labels

Use our super long-lasting Iron On Clothing Labels for an easily recognisable solution that will keep school jumpers, blazers, gym clothes and sports uniforms out of the Lost Property box. Use Mini Name Tags for smaller items like sun hats and use Medium or Round Clothing Dots for shirts and outerwear garments and clothes.

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School Shoe Labels

Help your kids find their shoes quickly and easily with bright Personalised Shoe Stickers. Complete with a scratch-resistant coating you don't need an extra clear overlay like some of our competitors, so they're easy to personalise, peel, stick and go!

For the movers and shakers, for the sports lovers and dancers, make sure all shoes are labelled so they're spotted easily and don't end up in Lost and Found.

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Classroom Labels

School Name Labels

Our personalised name stickers help your child organise their stationery and belongings at school. Our Name Labels are safe in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer, plus they come with a scratch resistant coating making them waterproof and super long lasting.

These quality stick on name labels will go the distance on lunchboxes, drink bottles, books, pens and other stationery items. Our custom name labels can be personalised to suit your child's personality and showcase their individuality. Perfect for the classroom.

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Mini Stationery Labels

For labelling colouring pencils, markers, pens and highlighters, you can't go past Mini Name Labels and woven Mini Multi Use Labels. Wrap them around the barrel and stick to itself like a flag for the best results. Also great for small surfaces like erasers, and rulers and obvious enough for calculators and journals; send your kids to school in style and with the confidence their belongings won't end up in Lost Property.

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School Book Labels

Personalised Book Labels are the perfect solution for labelling school textbooks, exercise books, diaries, binders, folders and more! These are adhesive paper labels that are personalised with "This Book Belongs To" text to make it feel super special.
If you want a bit more freedom or more room for text go for a Custom Text Label instead.

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School Allergy Labels

Bring awareness of your child’s allergy to their teachers, carers, parents and your friends with our gorgeous range of Allergy Name Labels. We have a variety of different allergies covered in our range, including wheat, nut, dairy, eggs and seafood. These big, bold designs are a great way to remind others to be aware of sharing food that may contain the ingredient that your child is allergic to.

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School Value Packs

Value Packs for School

All of our value packs are here to save you both time and money when purchasing your next set of labels, and the 5 + School Pack is perfect to help set your child up for a successful start to school! The 5 + School Pack includes a mixture of clothing and name labels to ensure that lost property is avoided from the beginning of your child's journey through school. The Name Labels Pack is another great value bundle that provides you with a range of our hugely popular and trusted personalised name labels.

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Showcase your child's personality and send them to school in style!

Not sure which designs to choose? Use our handy style guide!

  • Classic Labels: choose their favourite colour or colour combination from a range of bold palettes and add an icon to make their labels unique to them. Including Classic icon designs your kids will love, from spiders to unicorns, anchors, fairies, frozen snowflakes for the Elsa-obsessed, lightning bolts, cute clouds and shiny diamonds; we have something they will love at any age. Mix it up a bit with Geometric Shaped Labels, with a pack including star shapes, squares, triangles and circle labels you child with have a variety of fun shapes to stick to their school supplies.
    Some of our favourite combinations:

    • Coral Background with a Flamingo;
    • Navy background with an Anchor;
    • Funky background colours with a heart;
    • Green background with a dinosaur;
    • Peppermint with a Snowflake;
    • Jazz background colours with a Skull icon.
  • Designer Labels: choose from a mix of stand-out fun designs, soft colours and striking styles - something to suit every personality. Get your little adventurer a set of Pirate Labels, your dancer will love a set of Ballerina themed labels, for the animal lover we have sets of Jungle and Woodland animal designs and a range of on-trend and timeless designs that are classy and cute.
    Will it be Owl Labels for Zara, or does she like the Dinosaur Labels a bit more? Does Toby like the Astronaut Labels or would he rather the Zoo Days set with Monkeys, Tigers and Elephants?

    Get them to choose their own favourite design and label their lunch or snack containers, favourite toys and shoes so everything is found easily and comes home every time.

  • Allergy Labels: find the right labels for you with a range of cute designs with practical uses.
    Including icons clearly depicting common issues such as Gluten, Dairy and Nut allergies, you can ensure friends, family, carers, teachers and other kids remain alert and diligent about dietary requirements.

  • Basic Labels: choose from a simple range created for kids that don't want the fuss.
    Find a favourite text colours and font combination for a set of elegant, practical labels. Great for families to show just a surname or for older kids that are a bit too cool for bright purples or cute foxes designs.

  • Clear Labels:  discrete label solution, great for when you don’t want to draw too much attention. 
    Clear Labels have a transparent background, meaning all you have to do is choose the colour and font of the text. They are a discrete label solution, great for when you don’t want to draw too much attention to the label. 

  • Monogram Labels: labels that feature your first initial enlarged in a shape of your choosing. 
    Choose from simple shapes like circles and squares or have fun with a crown or flower shape. Great for sports equipment, books, musical instruments, stationery and the list goes.