Name Labels Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for a tiny hero that transforms chaos into order and anonymity into identity? Whether you're a parent, teacher, or just someone who loves keeping things tidy and unique, you're in the right place. 


Let's explore how name labels can simplify your life, add a dash of style to your belongings, and make sure that what's yours stays yours!


What Are Name Labels?


Name labels are personalised stickers or tags that add a splash of fun and functionality to identifying your belongings. 


From stick-on labels for books and containers to clothing labels for your favourite threads, sports labels for your gear, clip-on tags for your bags, and even snazzy stamps.


We even have iron-on labels that are easy to use and can be personalised with all the important information to help wayward clothing find its way home.


Whichever you choose, all our name labels are designed to take on the rough and tumble of daily life.


How To Use Name Labels


Stick-On Labels


Begin by making sure the surface of your item is clean and dry. Gently peel off the label from its backing, align it carefully, and press it down firmly for a secure hold. 


These name labels are ideal for stationery, books, water bottles, and lunchboxes. They're particularly handy for kids' school supplies, making sure their things are easy to find and less likely to go missing.


Clothing Labels


For these, find the care tag on your garment (usually found inside near the neck or along the side seam). Place the name label smoothly onto the tag and press down firmly to allow a strong bond. 


They're perfect for school uniforms, sportswear, and even everyday clothes. This simple step makes sure that your clothing items can always find their way back to you; especially handy for kiddos who love swapping clothes!


Sports Labels


These are great for labelling items such as bats, balls, helmets, and other gear, which is handy when seven other kids on the cricket team have the same bat! 


First, thoroughly clean the surface where you will put the name label. Once dry, apply the label to a flat, smooth area. If you're using the self-inking stamp, make sure to let the ink dry for a few minutes before use. 


Clip-On Tags


These are so easy to use you'll be amazed at how much time and energy you save. Simply clip these name tags onto your bags, luggage, or items like keys, water bottles, or anything that needs identifying, and they're good to go! 


They're also perfect for little ones who tend to lose their favourite things at daycare or on school lunchtime adventures.


Iron-On Labels


Iron-on name labels are a great choice for clothing because they’re so durable and perfect for uniforms and swim gear. They're designed to stay on through washing and drying.


Here are some simple steps to apply iron-on labels:


  1. Heat your iron: Set it to medium heat (140-170°C) with no water.
  2. Position the label: Place the label on the garment and cover it with the supplied parchment paper.
  3. Iron it on: Press the iron on the parchment paper over the label for 10-15 seconds. Move the iron gently back and forth.
  4. Cool down: Let the label cool for a few minutes.
  5. Wait before washing: Don’t wash the garment for 48 hours after applying the label.


What Are the Benefits of Name Labels?


Name labels are like little superheroes for your stuff, battling against loss and mix-ups, particularly in schools and crowded places. 


They're a must-have for kiddos with allergies, carrying essential health info. Plus, they help you keep things neat and tidy with a custom flair that screams 'you'! 


Name labels also encourage responsibility in children, teaching them to take care of their things. They're a godsend in busy households, helping to sort and identify items quickly, from kitchenware to tech gadgets. 


In a nutshell, name labels are a simple yet effective solution to bring order to your daily life while injecting a bit of fun and personality into everyday items.


Which Name Labels Should I Choose?


Choosing the right name labels is key. Here are some factors to remember:


  • Durability: Look for labels that can handle the rough-and-tumble of daily activities. They should be resistant to water, heat, and regular washing. This makes them perfect for items that are frequently used or washed, such as drink bottles, sports equipment, and school uniforms.
  • Size: The label size should match the item you're tagging. Larger labels are great for backpacks and books, while smaller ones work well for pencils and smaller gadgets. It's all about finding the right fit for visibility and practicality.
  • Design: Whether you're into bright and bold, sleek and simple, or fun and funky, choose a design that speaks to your personality. This is especially fun for kids, as they can pick their favourite designs.
  • Personalisation: It's not just about putting a name on a label; it's about creating something unique. Experiment with different fonts, icons, and colour combinations to make each label distinctly yours or your child's. Personalised labels are not only practical, but they also add a personal touch to belongings.


Join the Labelling Revolution!


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We use high-quality, tested materials, and we stand by our products. So, if you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of your clothing labels, we offer a 30-day replacement, repair, or refund. 


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If you have questions about our name labels, please don't hesitate to contact us by filling out the online form. Our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.


FAQs About Name Labels


Are Name Labels Waterproof and Washing Machine-Safe?


Yes, Stuck On You's name labels are designed to be both waterproof and washing machine-safe. This includes their stick-on name labels, which are suitable for items like lunch boxes and snack containers, as well as their iron-on clothing labels, which can hold out against washing machines and dryers​!


What Should I Include on a Name Label?


On a name label, you should include the name of the person to whom the item belongs. You may also include contact information and any essential medical information, especially on allergy labels. Stuck On You allows for customisation of their labels, so you can select the specific information you want to include.


How Do I Remove Name Labels?


The most effective method involves using heat to soften the label's adhesive material, after which the label can be peeled off. This method requires an iron set to medium-high heat and some baking paper or aluminium foil.


Can I Create Custom Name Labels?


Yes, you can create custom name labels with Stuck On You. They offer a range of fonts for personalisation, as well as different logo and design options. This allows you to select a label that perfectly matches your or your child's personality.

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