How Do Clothing Stamps Work? Your Complete Guide

Ever played a round of “Whose Sock is This?” at home? 


As parents or caregivers, we know the drill: label everything or risk it vanishing into a black hole of lost clothing!


Clothing stamps will save the day, letting you stamp your kiddo's name on everything from school uniforms and sports jerseys to shoes and socks. 


But how do clothing stamps work? Let's find out!


Understanding Clothing Stamps


A name stamp for clothes lets you quickly press your child's name onto their garments in waterproof, permanent ink. You can label all your kids’ clothing items in a matter of minutes, saving them from “lost and found” at daycare or school. 


Simple, speedy, and super effective, what more could you ask for! 


Benefits of Using Clothing Stamps


Why should you choose name stamps for clothes?


  1. Convenience: Just press the stamp onto the fabric, and voilà- you're done! 
  2. Durability: Permanent clothing stamps are tough. The ink is sweat-resistant and waterproof, staying put through countless busy school days, washes, and dryer cycles (up to 95°C).
  3. Cost-effectiveness: There's no need to buy a new label for each clothing item in your child's wardrobe; a clothing stamp goes a long way, with one able to stamp numerous times. 
  4. Ownership: When kids see their name stamped on their belongings, it fosters a sense of responsibility, making it more likely they’ll keep track of their stuff.
  5. Versatility: Clothing stamps are perfect for labelling school uniforms, sports jerseys, clothes your kids wear to daycare and school camps, and anywhere else they might leave their mark (or jacket)!


What's the difference between name stamps and other clothes labelling options?


While sew-in and iron-on labels have their perks, they can't beat the ease and speed of a clothing stamp! Just a quick stamp, and an item is labelled! No sewing needles, threads, irons, or patience required! 


How To Use Clothing Stamps Effectively


  1. Press the stamp down a few times on a piece of scrap fabric or paper to check that the ink is flowing evenly and the stamp makes a clear impression. 
  2. Place the clothing item on a hard, flat surface.
  3. Choose a flat, smooth area on the clothing to stamp, like the collar, tag (unless it's polyester), or inside hem. Avoid areas with seams, buttons, or folds for an even print.  Smooth out any fabric wrinkles where you're going to stamp. 
  4. Position the stamp over your chosen spot on the garment, making sure it's not upside down or angled in a way that could distort the imprint.
  5. Press down with medium pressure so the entire stamp makes contact with the fabric for a clear, consistent print. Use a quick stamping action, lifting the stamp straight up to reduce the risk of smudging.
  6. Avoid touching or moving the stamped area immediately after stamping. We recommend not wearing or washing the garment for at least 24 hours. 


Following these steps will result in stamp impressions that are legible, neat, and long-lasting.


Care Tips for Maintaining Stamped Clothing


  • Wait at least 24 hours after stamping before wearing or washing the clothing to give the ink enough time to set and bond with the fabric.
  • Opt for gentler wash cycles and avoid high-temperature washes to preserve the clarity of the stamp.
  • Avoid harsh detergents and bleach, which can cause the stamp ink to fade or wash out more quickly.
  • Air dry when possible, as air drying is gentler than a dryer. If you must use a dryer, choose a lower temperature setting.
  • Regularly check stamped areas for signs of fading so you can reapply the stamp when necessary. Simply re-stamp the clothing in the same spot, using the steps you initially followed. 


For more information on personalised name stamps for clothes and how to use them, check out our handy Clothing Stamps Guide.


The Best Name Stamps for Clothes in Australia


Here at Stuck On You, we can confidently say that our stamps are the best name stamps for clothes in Australia, with satisfied users in 15 other countries, too! 


What sets our permanent clothing stamps apart from the crowd?


  • Self-inking: They’re self-inking, so you don't need to get messy with a separate ink pad.
  • Dermatologically tested: The non-toxic ink we use has been tested and deemed perfectly safe for kids, even those with skin sensitivities. 
  • Washability: Our waterproof name stamps for clothes can withstand many, many washes in most washing machine hygiene cycles and dryer options (up to 95°C). 
  • Fabric suitability: You can stamp directly on light-coloured cotton, linen, polyester (not care labels), blended fabrics with viscose fibres, and paper without ink bleeding. For darker fabrics, just stamp onto a blank iron-on label and follow the instructions to attach them to clothing. 


But that's not all!


Personalising Stuck On You Clothing Stamps


Our name stamps for clothes allow you to add one or two lines of text in various fonts. So you could put your child's first name, last name, or both. Or their first name and your contact number.


Plus, you can add one icon your kids will love: an animal, vehicle, rainbow, star, or piece of sporting equipment, to name a few. 


What are the benefits of doing this?


Young children who can't read yet can easily recognise an icon. Being able to identify their belongings with an icon they like may motivate them to take better care of their stuff.


Additionally, an icon stands out in a sea of similar-looking items, making it easier for teachers and caregivers to sort belongings.


Need more convincing to try our personalised name stamps for clothes? Check out the glowing reviews other parents have given them here and here


FAQs About How Clothing Stamps Work


Can You Use a Regular Stamp on Clothes?


No, regular stamps are not suitable for clothes. They use ink that's not made to adhere to fabric and will likely wash out. 


Clothing stamps use special, wash-resistant ink designed for fabric.


What Details Should I Put On the Clothing Stamp?


Include your child's name and, optionally, your contact number to help the clothing item find its way back to you if it's misplaced.


You could also add a small, fun icon on the stamp to help your child recognise their clothing if they cannot read yet.


Can Clothing Stamps Be Used on Paper?


Yes, clothing stamps can be used on paper. However, the ink in some clothing stamps is designed just for fabric and may not produce the same print quality on paper as regular ink.


At Stuck On You, our name stamps can be used on anything with an absorbent surface, including paper. So you can label your child's school books as well as their clothes. 


Start Simplifying Labelling With Stuck On You Clothing Stamps


Our personalised name stamps for clothes are fun, durable, easy to use, and perfect for keeping your kids' belongings out of the lost and found pile. 


Exactly how do clothing stamps work? 


Just press the self-inking stamp directly onto the fabric, release it, and wait for it to dry- it's that simple!  


Browse our clothing name stamps or name sticker and stamp bundles, and start designing personalised stamps for your kids today. 

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