The Ultimate Clothing Stamps Guide: How To Label Your Kids' Clothes With Ease

Ever played the lost-and-found game at your kid's school, trying to spot their jumper in a mountain of identical ones? 


Clothing stamps are your secret weapon in this game! But labelling your little ones' clothes is more than just a way to avoid mix-ups at school or daycare. It's also about teaching your kids to be responsible for their school, sports, and play clothes.


This clothing stamps guide is here to take you through the magical world of clothing stamps, showing you how to choose them, use them, and have a little fun along the way!


What Are Clothing Stamps?


Name stamps for clothes are simple tools that let you print your child's name directly onto their clothes using special, wash-resistant ink. Just press, print, and presto- clothes are labelled!


Why should you jump on the clothing stamp bandwagon? 


  • Time-saving: Permanent clothing stamps are much quicker and easier to use than sew-in or iron-on labels. 
  • Durability: They're sweat-resistant and waterproof, enduring kids' busy lives as well as numerous washes and cycles in the dryer.
  • Identification: Kids can easily spot their names in their clothes at a glance.


Choosing the Right Clothing Stamp


When picking out a name stamp for clothes, here are key factors to consider.


  1. Washability: Look for stamps with ink that can withstand regular washing. 
  2. Usability: Opt for a self-inking name stamp for clothes for hassle-free labelling. These are pre-inked and ready to use, saving you the trouble of dealing with separate, messy ink pads.
  3. Skin sensitivity: If your child has sensitive skin, check that the stamp's ink is dermatologically tested and safe for use on fabrics in direct contact with their skin.
  4. Fabric suitability: Make sure the stamp can be used on various fabric types.
  5. Ink colour and visibility: Consider the ink colour and how well it will show up on different coloured fabrics. Most stamps work well on lighter colours, with the option of stamping blank iron-on labels you can then attach to darker garments.


The Best Personalised Name Stamps for Clothes From Stuck On You


Here at Stuck On You, we're not shy in saying that we believe our stamps are the best name stamps for clothes in Australia! But that’s not all; satisfied customers in over 15 countries also use them! How can we be so confident in our stamps?


Our permanent clothing stamps can withstand heaps of washes in water up to 95°C. That means the ink will stick to clothes, accessories, socks, and shoes even on your machine's hygiene wash and most dryer options.


This self-inking name stamp for clothes is fully self-contained, so you don't need to get messy with a separate ink pad or worry about misplacing one. 


The ink has been dermatologically tested and deemed non-toxic, so it’s perfectly safe for kids, even those with skin sensitivities. 


You can stamp cotton, linen, polyester, blended fabrics with viscose fibres, and paper without fear of ink bleeding- unless you stamp a polyester care label, as the ink isn't a fan of these! 


You can stamp directly onto light-coloured fabrics: white, cream, beige, tan, light grey, and pastels. For darker fabrics, just stamp onto a blank iron-on label and follow the instructions to attach them to clothing. Every stamp comes with 18 iron-on labels, and you can easily order more if those run out!


Our permanent clothing stamp allows you to add one or two lines of text and an icon your kids will love, be it an animal, vehicle, rainbow, star, or piece of sporting equipment.  


Need more convincing to try our personalised name stamps for clothes? Check out the glowing reviews other parents have given our stamps here and here. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Using Clothing Stamps


Step 1: Prepare Your Stamp


Once you've received your Stuck On You self-inking name stamp for clothes, press it down a few times on a piece of scrap fabric or paper to check the ink is flowing evenly and that the stamp is making a clear impression. You want to see consistent, legible text and images.


If the first few stamps aren't perfect, don't worry. Depending on the fabric, you might need to press harder or softer. Experiment a little more on the scrap fabric or paper until you get the hang of it.


Step 2: Position Your Clothing


Choose a flat, smooth area on the clothing to stamp, perhaps the collar, tag (unless it's polyester), or inside hem. Avoid areas with seams, buttons, or folds for an even print. Place the clothing item on a hard, flat surface and smooth out any fabric wrinkles where you're going to stamp. 


Step 3: Position Your Stamp


Grip the stamp so you have full control. Carefully position it over your chosen spot on the garment, making sure it's not upside down or angled in a way that could distort the imprint.


Step 4: Apply the Stamp


Press down with medium pressure so the entire stamp makes contact with the fabric for a clear, consistent print. Rather than pressing and holding, use a quick stamping action, lifting the stamp straight up to reduce the risk of smudging.


Step 5: Let It Dry


It's important to allow the ink time to set into the fabric. Avoid touching or moving the stamped area immediately after stamping.


We recommend not wearing or washing the garment for at least 24 hours after stamping. 


Step 6: Reapply As Needed


Even though our clothing stamps will survive repeated washes, the stamp impression on your child's clothing may eventually fade. This is normal and can be easily managed.


When you notice the stamp becoming less visible, it's time for reapplication. Simply re-stamp the clothing in the same spot, using the steps you initially followed. 


Additionally, as some fabrics hold ink better than others, you might need to reapply the stamp more often on certain materials.


Caring for Your Stamped Clothing


Taking good care of stamped clothing helps maintain the stamp impression's longevity. 


Here are some care tips.


  • Wait at least 24 hours after stamping before wearing or washing the clothing to give the ink enough time to set and bond with the fabric.
  • When it's time to wash, opt for a gentler cycle and avoid high-temperature washes to preserve the clarity of the stamp.
  • Avoid harsh detergents and bleach, which can cause the stamp ink to fade or wash out more quickly.
  • Air dry when possible, as air drying is gentler than a dryer. If you need to use a dryer, choose a lower temperature setting.
  • Regularly check stamped areas for signs of fading so you can reapply the stamp when necessary.


FAQs About Clothing Stamps


Do Clothes Stamps Work Effectively?


Certainly! Self-inking name stamps for clothes offer a quick, easy, and clean method for labelling most clothing garments and accessories. 


These stamps work well on various light-coloured fabric types and can be stamped on blank iron-on labels for darker fabrics. Plus, they're waterproof and durable, withstanding many wash and dryer cycles of up to 95°C in temperature.


What Is the Best Fabric To Stamp on?


The best fabrics to stamp on are those that absorb ink well and will hold the imprint over time. 


These include;

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Polyester (but not polyester care labels)
  • Blended viscose fabrics 


Do Name Stamps Wash Off?


Name stamps will not wash off easily when used correctly with appropriate permanent fabric ink. They're designed to be durable and withstand multiple wash cycles. 


The longevity of the stamp impression can vary based on the fabric type, the quality of the ink, and washing conditions. Generally, a good quality name stamp can last several dozens of washes before it starts to fade​.


Stamp Your Way to Simplicity!


After reading this clothing stamps guide, we're sure you can't wait to try the best name stamps for clothes in Australia.


Our personalised name stamps for clothes are long-lasting, easy to use, and perfect for keeping your kids' belongings out of the lost and found. Plus, with various fun designs to choose from, your little ones will love them too!


Browse our clothing name stamps or name sticker and stamp bundles, and start designing personalised stamps for your kiddos today. 


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