Bike Name Stickers Australia: Your Guide to Personalising Your Ride

Who said bikes have to be boring? With Stuck On You's bike name stickers, you're about to add some serious pizzazz to your wheels! Let's roll through what makes these stickers a must-have for every cyclist- young and old!


What Are Bike Name Stickers?


Think of bike name stickers as your bike's flashy name tags. A declaration of your bike's identity. Whether you're cruising through city streets or tackling rugged trails, these stickers make your bike stand out from the rest. 


They're about personal expression, turning a standard bike into something uniquely yours. But it's not all about style- these stickers serve practical purposes too. They can help you quickly identify your bike in a crowded rack and deter theft by making your bike more recognisable.


They're perfect for kids or anyone who loves customising their bikes. And with Stuck On You, you can choose from a range of designs and fonts to make your sticker truly one-of-a-kind.


Can I Customise a Bike Name Sticker?


Absolutely! Customisation is the heart of personal expression, and with Stuck On You's range of bike name stickers, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking for a splash of colour, a cool graphic, or just your name in a unique font, these stickers can be tailored to fit your style perfectly. 


Name Labels- Classic Mixed


Imagine these Classic Mixed name labels on your bike's frame or handlebar, making it look cool and contemporary. These labels can also be used on bike accessories like helmets, water bottles and bike locks. Helping your gear remain identifiable and distinctively yours, even in a crowd.


Choose from a variety of fonts, colours, and fun designs to create your own unique label.


  • Available in 27 or 54 labels per pack.
  • 2 medium name labels (50mm X 20mm).
  • 8 small name labels (45mm X 10mm).
  • 10 mini name labels (46.6mm X 6.6mm).
  • 3 square name labels (24mm X 24mm).
  • 4 round name labels (24mm).


Sport Stick-On Label Pack


Kids can use these Sport Stick-on Labels  on their helmets, knee pads, or even their favourite water bottle, which is perfect for the young, active rider, adding a personal touch to each item. 


It's a great way for them to express their personality, whether they choose bold colours or fun icons. These labels are also a parent's ally in keeping track of all those little bits of sports equipment that tend to wander off during busy after-school activities or weekend adventures. 


Looking for more reasons why these are your go-to?


  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Stays stuck with no curling.
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.


Classic Large Name Labels


Big, bold, and just plain fun, these Classic Large Name Labels are perfect for making a child's bike stand out. Imagine your kid's face when seeing their name in large, colourful letters on their bike. 


It's a fantastic way for them to show off their personality and easily spot their bike in a school bike rack or a park. Plus, these labels can be a canvas for their creativity, choosing colours and fonts that are their favourite.


Here are a few quick facts about these stickers:


  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and steriliser safe.
  • Stays stuck with no curling.
  • Great for bags, lunch boxes, sports equipment and more.
  • Choose 9 or 18 labels per pack.
  • 90mm x 17mm.
  • Not suitable for clothing.


What Are the Benefits of Bike Name Stickers?


  1. Identity boost: These stickers make your bike unmistakably yours. Say goodbye to mix-ups at school or crowded bike racks. Your bike stands out, and you'll never lose sight of it.
  2. Style statement: It's not just a bike; it's a canvas for your unique style. Express yourself with a personalised design that turns heads and showcases your personality.
  3. Tough as nails: These stickers are built to endure. Rain, sun, or mud, they take on the elements without flinching, keeping your bike looking fantastic ride after ride.


Are Bike Name Stickers Easy To Apply?


Applying bike name stickers is a breeze! It's a DIY task that requires no special skills. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Prepare the surface: You'll want to make sure that the area where you want to apply the sticker is clean and dry. A clean surface ensures better adhesion.
  2. Peel and stick: Gently peel off the sticker's backing to reveal the sticky side. Carefully position it on the chosen spot of your bike, whether it's the frame, helmet, or any other accessory.
  3. Smooth it out: Once the sticker is in place, use your fingers or a soft cloth to smooth it out. This helps eliminate any pesky air bubbles and allows a secure bond.


And that's it! Your bike name sticker is now proudly displayed. It's a quick and hassle-free process that anyone can master.


Pedal With Personality: Transform Your Bike With Unique Stickers


So, are you ready to turn your bike into a rolling piece of art? Stuck On You's bike name stickers are the way to go. 


Whether you're into sports, big and bold designs, or something totally unique, there's a sticker with your name on it- literally! 


We use the highest quality materials and guarantee 100% quality satisfaction. 


See for yourself- start designing your personalised name stickers for your bike today!


If you have questions about our name labels and stickers, please don't hesitate to contact us by filling out the online form. Our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!




Are Bike Name Stickers Waterproof?


Yes, bike name stickers from Stuck On You are designed to be waterproof, so they can trust that they can withstand rain, splashes, and other wet conditions without losing their adhesive or colour.


What Should I Include on a Bike Name Sticker?


You can include your name, contact information, or any personalised text or design that reflects your style. It's a canvas for self-expression, so get creative!


How Do I Remove Bike Name Stickers?


To remove bike name stickers, gently peel them off from one corner. If there is any residue, use a mild adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol to clean the surface without damaging it.


How Durable Are Bike Name Stickers?


Bike name stickers are highly durable and designed to withstand outdoor elements, UV exposure on hot summer days, and regular wear and tear. They maintain their quality and appearance even on rugged rides.


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