The Best Permanent Clothing Stamp in Australia: Why Choose Stuck On You?

Is your blue jumper constantly getting mixed up with your roommate's blue jumper? Are you sick of wading through the lost and found pile of identical-looking school uniforms, looking for whatever it is your child has lost this time?


There's a superhero in the labelling world ready to save any wardrobe from the clutches of confusion and loss: the clothing stamp. 


But don't settle for any old clothing stamp; you need the best permanent clothing stamp in Australia from Stuck On You! 


Let's find out why our premium name stamps for clothes are the go-to for keeping clothes from going on unwanted adventures.


Why Use a Permanent Clothing Stamp?


A clothing stamp imprints a name onto fabric using special permanent ink.


From school sports uniforms to workplace uniforms, labelling items with a clothing stamp makes them less likely to end up in someone else's backpack or locker. 


As kids aren't exactly known for their meticulous item tracking, labelling their clothing is particularly handy. It'll save you time and money, as labelled clothes mean fewer trips to the lost and found and fewer lost jumpers and hats that need replacing. 


Sorting clothes also becomes a breeze for housemates or homes with lots of little ones when everything down to the last sock is labelled with a clothing stamp. 


But why choose a permanent clothing stamp over sew-in, clip-on, and iron-on labels?


  • Time-saving: Forget mucking around with threading needles and heating the iron; with a quick press, your clothes are labelled!
  • Durability: Waterproof name stamps for clothes stay clear and legible in the face of daily wear and tear, including washing and drying.
  • Easy to use: Clothes stamps are easy to use. You can get your older kids involved in labelling to help encourage them to take responsibility for their belongings.
  • Cost-effective: No need to buy labels continually. One stamp can last for thousands of applications.
  • Flexibility: Easily stamp a variety of fabrics, not just clothes. Think hats, backpacks, socks, and shoes. 


A Permanent Solution for Years To Come


Don't waste your time with cheap imitations; go straight to the best permanent clothing stamp in Australia!


What makes our stamp the best?


  • Non-toxic ink: Dermatologically tested, our ink is safe for all ages and those with skin sensitivities.
  • Easy application: Our self-inking stamp eliminates the need for ink pads, which can be messy and easily lost. The stamp is also quick to use, perfect for busy households.
  • Durability: The waterproof ink remains vibrant and clear even after repeated washing in most washing machine hygiene cycles and dryer options (up to 95°C). 
  • Fabric suitability: Stamp directly on light-coloured cotton, linen, polyester (not care labels), and blended fabrics with viscose fibres without ink bleeding. For darker fabrics, just stamp onto a blank iron-on label and follow the instructions to attach them to clothing. Every stamp comes with 18 iron-on labels, and you can easily order more!
  • Customisation: Our stamp allows you to add one or two lines of text in various fonts, plus an icon kids will love, be it an animal, vehicle, rainbow, star, or piece of sporting equipment.  


Best Stamp for Clothing and Beyond


Our name stamp's superhero abilities don't stop at labelling fabrics.


You can even use it to label textbooks, workbooks, novels, and diaries, the ink happily pairing up with paper. Basically, you can stamp anything with an absorbent surface!


FAQs About the Best Permanent Clothing Stamp in Australia


How Long Does a Clothing Stamp Last?


The ink in clothing stamps is colour-fast, meaning it can endure numerous washes without fading. 


Stuck On You's fabric stamp impressions can last through many washes, maintaining clarity and visibility even in temperatures up to 95°C. Along with proper application, the stamp can last for years on fabrics.


Do Name Stamps Wash Off?


Name stamps are designed to be permanent and waterproof, staying visible and legible on fabric for a long time. 


For optimal results and longevity, it's important to follow the manufacturer's application instructions.


Can You Use Stamps Forever?


While designed for long-term use, the lifespan of fabric stamps depends on factors like frequency of use, type of fabric, and washing conditions. 


When properly cared for, the stamp itself can last for thousands of impressions. However, the ink pad may need replenishing over time. 


And eventually, reapplication on clothing may be necessary, especially on items washed very frequently or exposed to harsh conditions. When you notice the imprint starting to fade, it's time to reapply.


Label With Confidence: Choose the Best Permanent Clothing Stamp in Australia


A name stamp for clothes is the solution for anyone tired of playing detective with clothing items and accessories.


At Stuck On You, we're confident we've created the best permanent clothing stamp on the market. Try it for yourself and see!


Browse our clothing name stamps and name sticker and stamp bundles, and start designing personalised stamps for you and your family today. 

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