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52 stick-on and iron on name labels in minimal designs perfect for teens.

Starting at USD 61.80 USD 24.96

This ultimate pack to personalise everything for school includes name stickers, iron on clothing labels and a personalised bag tag.

Starting at USD 150.45 USD 56.95

A mixed pack of iron on clothing labels and name tag stickers that make labelling kindergarten and daycare essentials fast and easy.

Starting at USD 110.60 USD 39.95

Iron on clothing labels and name tag stickers that make labelling daycare and kindergarten essentials super fast and easy.

Starting at USD 45.85 USD 19.95

Grab 229 labels in all shapes, sizes, colours, fonts and designs in one easy bundle.

Starting at USD 113.68 USD 32.00

Scratch resistant coating on designer mini name labels, great for pencils, markers, rulers and more.
USD 15.95
50 mini sized pencil labels with classic designs and colours, good for pencils, rulers, and other stationery.
USD 14.95
silicone wrist bands with personalised name
USD 12.95
Iron on pet name labels
USD 14.95
Iron-On Pet Name Labels - Medium
USD 14.95
Iron-On Pet Name Labels - Large
USD 14.95
Clear pet name labels shaped
USD 14.95
clear pet name labels medium in size
USD 14.95
Clear Stick-On Pet Name Labels - Large
USD 14.95
pet stick on name labels shaped
USD 14.95
Stick-on Pet Name labels - Medium
USD 14.95

Labels for Kids made by Stuck On You

Personalised scratch-resistant name labels (that glue stick won’t get away this time!). Iron-on clothing labels . And the real MVP: the name stamp . Stamp away to your heart’s content on shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, towels. Basically anything with an absorbent surface like cotton, linen, polyester or blended fabrics. She won’t fade, honey.

Let the kids choose their favourite design, pick a font and leave the rest to us. Warning: it’s addictive. You’ll be labelling anything and everything in no time!

And then there’s our littlies heading off on their childcare/daycare/kindergarten adventure. With tiny butterflies fluttering around in their tummies and maybe a few crocodile tears when we wave goodbye (we know you’re all smiles two minutes later, little babe).

Time to get creative with snack prep! It’s easy with our personalised bento boxes . We’ve even labelled (yes, we’re addicted too) the spots in six roomy compartments for vegetables, dairy, fruit, protein and grain so you can be sure that they’re getting everything they need to be energised for the day! With a leak-proof silicone seal, it’s perfect for on-the-go yoghurts, dips and sauces. Yep, our bento boxes are loved by many back-to-work parents too!

Hide the veggies in plain sight and create colourful shapes that even the pickiest of eaters will love munching. Rolling cutters, sandwich stencils, a sculpting food press – there are all sorts of sidekicks for our bento in the Bento Accessories Set .

The best part about all of this? Value packs . We’ve done the hard part of curating the essentials into joyful bundles so you’ll have everything you need in a couple of clicks. Take our Kinder Essentials Pack, for instance. Every label shape, size and style you’ll need to make sure their bento box, water bottle, cutlery set, sun hat or cute lil jacket won’t run away. 

Or grab a personalised gift for your back-to-school kiddo with Label The Lot and tick another thing off your to-do list as they go nuts labelling their own new goodies. We weren’t kidding when we called one of the packs All You Need. Hundreds of labels to get the whole fam organised and ready for school or early learning (sorry, can’t help with getting them in the car on time though!). Kids name labels, name stickers, iron-on labels, clothing labels, shoe labels and we’ve even thrown in some bag tags – with different ways to personalise every single one of them, of course!

Should getting organised always be this fun? One thousand percent yes! Let’s get started.

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