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Classic Stick on Clothing Labels - Large Zoom

Classic Stick on Clothing Labels - Large

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Choose Stick on Clothing Labels from Stuck on You® when you need a versatile clothing label that can be applied in different ways. This pack contains 50 clothing labels measuring approx. 2.1in. x 0.3in. that are super easy to use. Just peel and stick for a quick solution or Iron over or sew around your clothing labels for added security. Order your Stick On Clothing Labels online today. 

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  • Dryer Safe
  • Easy Application
  • Machine Washable
  • The Finest Materials
  • Versatile

Product Description


When you order Large Classic Stick On Clothing Labels from Stuck on You® you will appreciate the ease of use and versatility of the labels. These labels can be stuck directly onto a garment’s care tag and should last through many washes. For a longer lasting label, stick the label on the clothing, and iron over to adhere the label to the fabric. The cloth style label can also be sewn onto clothing.

Classic Stick On Clothing Labels come in a choice of three font colors which can be combined with a range of font styles and icons. When you place an order you can view a product preview before ordering securely online. Our team then creates a personalized label, ready to be delivered to your door.

Stuck on You® Large Classic Stick On Clothing Labels are a perfect quick fix when you have an item of clothing that needs to be labeled fast. Your child might need to take a jacket to school that hasn’t been labeled yet, with these labels you can apply a label to get them off to school on time, and then iron or sew in place later for a permanent label that will stay stuck in the washing machine and dryer.

Adding a phone number is great idea as sometimes belongings can go missing when kids are out and about.


Great---easy to use. (Posted on 7/2/15)
Thank you so much for the great review!
I am pleased to hear you are happy with your new classic stick on clothing labels and we hope you get lots of use out of those!

Thank you for the feedback once again.

Kind Regards,
Stuck on You Customer Service
Just ordered my second pack of labels for my younger daughter. The first pack was perfect for the school year. My daughter's school uniforms need to be labeled, but I didn't want anything permanent so I can pass it on to others when she's done. Very few labels needed to be replaced, even with regular washing. And they also stayed on her water bottle and lunch box perfectly too. Not only do Stuck On You labels make labeling easy, they look great. Love that I quickly distinguish between my daughter's matching sweaters at a glance by color/icon rather than having to pull out the tag and squint to find the size. (Posted on 6/9/15)
We are very grateful to receive such kind and positive feedback!
I am very glad we have been able to provide you with such great looking, long lasting and reliable labels! It is wonderful to know you are a returning customer, and plan to shop with us again in the future.
I hope you will continue to love your most recent purchase of Stick on Clothing Labels!

Kind Regards,
Stuck on You Customer Service
Still waiting for a US credit card processing option. My bank slaps me with international fees. If not for that, I would recommend SOY to the entire school. (Posted on 4/10/15)
We appreciate your feedback - I can see you have placed your order via our International website, and we do accept US Credit Cards.
If you do wish to discuss further, please contact us directly on 1 888 236 2800 or via email,
We are happy to discuss other payment options for you.

Warm regards,
Stuck on You Customer Service
Easy to use labels. Look so much nicer than some others you can buy slightly cheaper. (Posted on 3/6/15)
We are happy you have been provided with friendly customer service! The stick on clothing labels which you have received are great for an easy application on clothing, but are also great for other household products due to the strong adhesive.
Our team are pleased to know you find the labels easy to use, and enjoy the look of this label.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Kind Regards,
Stuck on You Customer Service
Excellent (Posted on 2/26/15)
Easiest labels there are
These clothing labels stick on and stay there for as long as you like. They are easy to put on, practical and never wear out! Glad I bought them :) (Posted on 1/23/14)
Best labels out there!
I have been using these labels since my eldest child started kindergarten - 8 years ago! I have 3 kids and we put them on everything from clothing, to drink bottles & lunchboxes, bags, towels, goggles etc They don't fade and they last literally years! Prices sure have increased over the years, I have to admit. (Posted on 1/16/14)
These labels stay on until you want them to come off
I have been using these labels on my children's clothes for eight years. They stick on and stay on, even on bathing suits. I also use these for shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes etc as they never fade. The labels have paid for themselves because all of my children's belonging come l, play dates and camp. (Posted on 11/26/13)
Wonderful Labels
These large clothing labels are my favourite! They are so easy to apply, and they last through so many laundry cycles! They are bright and easy to read, making it simple for my child to properly find their clothing in a classroom full of children. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! (Posted on 9/26/13)
So easy to label!
I use the stick on clothing labels on all my kids school uniforms and daycare clothes and have avoided many clothes being lost forever or taken by accident. My daughters missing school jacket was recently returned to her class because of the intact label! Love these as they are so simple to use :) (Posted on 9/26/13)

Additional Information

  • Pack includes 50 labels
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Approx. size 2.1in. x 0.3in 
  • Only one name per pack

Application Instructions

To apply to care tag, simply apply label to tag, pressing down firmly.

To apply to fabric either:

Apply label to fabric. Using a HOTDRY iron, iron directly over the label for 10-15 seconds. Turn the garment over and iron over the area again for 10-15 seconds. Ensure that you apply pressure whilst ironing. For synthetic or delicate fabrics, use wax paper or a handkerchief between the garment and the iron. Labels will adhere to MOST FABRICS

Apply label to fabric, sew around the edge or on the